Oshun or Osun is the orisha of love and happiness. She is the one that makes the spirit full of life and love. Oshun also was known as Ochun, Iyalorde, and Oxum is also known for her aide in maternity alongside with her sister Yemaya. Oshun is seen as a fair skin bronzed color woman who has a body and a smile to die for. Oshun is always seen with her revealing dresses and cocky and flirtatious ways. In the house of the priest or priestess, she lives in a yellow or gold looking tureen where her secrets are kept. Her metal is gold and she is adorned with lots of it. She is one of the happiest orishas as that is one of the attributes that she beholds. She loves the finest things in life and sometimes she is never satisfied.

Oshun had many relationships with the male orishas. These included from Chango, Orula, Ogun, Inle, Agallu and Asojano (San Lazaro). With her sensual and sexual ways, Oshun would conquer any man or obstacle that laid in her way. This orisha is not or was not a whore, it is that Oshun loved to take what she wanted and if by having a relationship with a man was one of them, and then she would get what she wanted. Oshun is the owner of the sweet river waters in which her sister Yemaya gave to her. She was watched over by the mighty orisha Nana Buruku when she was young. She shared a close connection with Ochanla and she was very close to Olofi.

Her father is the great Obatala. He raised her since she was a little girl. One small pataki I’m going to tell you is that one day Obatala would always sing a particular song to his little girl Oshun. Day and night he would sing her this song and one day Oshun left the house and never returned. Years passed along and the great Obatala who was still depressed about the loss of his daughter Oshun, was walking through the woods near the riverbank. He was walking and he overheard a voice singing this particular song that brought memories back to him. Obatala said that there was only one person who knew that song and it was his daughter Oshun. He glimpsed by the river water and saw a young beautiful woman singing “Sawani Ibo Eleri, Leriche Oka Di Pola” (ceremonial song) and he walked up to her and asked her where did she hear that song. Oshun told him that when she was young, her father would sing that song to her every day and every night. Obatala with a tear told Oshun that he was Obatala, her father, the same orisha that taught her that song. They both hugged and cried and were never separated thereafter.

Oshun’s color is yellow now and when I say now I mean that is the color that represents her in this time life. When Oshun was first born she had on a white dress. This was the only dress that Oshun had and owned. But every day Oshun would go to the river and wash her only white dress. After a while, Oshun noticed that her white dress was starting to fade into a bright yellow. Oshun was amazed and happy that she had a yellow dress because none of the adult orishas owned or had anything with the color yellow. From that day forward, yellow became the primary color to the orisha Oshun.

Paths for Oshun, Ochun, Osun.

Oshun the goddess of the river that carries her name in Nigeria. They say she lives in a cave that still exists today in Ijesa, Nigeria north towards the river Nile. The second wife of Chango (Shango).

Although this Goddess is adored in many parts of Yorubaland , it is in the City of Osogbo, where her river passes , where she has a larger group of believers. The Name Osogbo is derived from the vocabulary of Oshun and Ogbo. Still today her followers where the Collar of the color amber. In Africa, her messenger is the crocodile. Her followers take offerings to her river and ask for help and favors.

This is the goddess of love, of happiness, also the owner of the rivers. Raised on the bosom of Yemaya , who gave her the fortune of the sweet waters to be her home.

This is found in the Odun of OseChe (9-5) where Oshun, in her efforts to help the world lost her fortune. After this, she began to wash clothes at the river and people would pay her with coins. One day , her coin fell in the water and the current took the coin to the sea. She began to beg Yemaya and Olokun to return her last coin , for it was all she had to buy food for her children. The Gods she begged when they saw her, were moved by her story and pulled the great seas back till Oshun could see the riches at the bottom of the seven seas. But , Oshun only picked up her coin that she had lost and turned away. The Gods not understanding why she would only take her coin and nothing else , Said :

“For your honor and honesty, we will give you part of our riches and the river as your home , But never again give it all away .”

There is a Pataki that shows the importance of the goddess: When olofi created the world , the heavens and earth would communicate through the Ceiba Tree. But , man defrauded the confidence of Olofi and he separated the heavens from the earth. From the beginning, Olofi had given a man everything to humankind . They had not plowed nor planted anything . For this man began to die of hunger. Oshun, seeing this transformed into the culture and took a full basket of bread and black eyed peas to the heavens. There she found Olofi with hunger, And she fed him . Thankful for the food Olofi, asked what is it that she wanted in return for her favor. This is where she interceded for mankind.

Olofi, said those that defrauded me he could not do anything for them . But , for her offering of the food he ate, but half way back down to earth there was a man that could help her. Upon reaching halfway down Oshun came upon Orisa Oko who farmed and saved.
Oshun grabbed all she could that he had grown for hundreds of years that he gave her . She returned to the earth , with all she could carry . And fed her people. For her act of generosity, they crowned her queen .

Oshun gained the power of Egun in the Odu Irete Yero.

Oshun lived with Ayaguna, but she left him because of the Igbin (snails) he would eat , this was a taboo for her. she also lived with Osain, Shango, Shakuana, Orunmila, Agayu, Orisha Oko, Oduduwa and Inle.  Oshun is the only one that can go as well to Oru.

Let’s see how important is this goddess , Blessed by the other Gods and Olofi himself , and how important she is to the religion Yoruba.

Caminos or Avatars of Oshun 

  • Oshun Ibu Kole: inseparable from the vulture, with whom she works. Her name means” the one who picks through and recovers the garbage and powders”. Watches over the home. Lives in a tinaja of clay. One may put at times to eat in a palangana of water. She takes in her attributes: a doll of porcelain or plastic, two pool balls, two mirrors, 5 feathers of a vulture, 5 mortars (found in pharmacies) Her Otas live on top of a rose of Jerico. One puts a fan made of vulture feathers and with white beads. She is born in the Odun Eyeunle-Ojuni (8-11). Others say in Odun Obetuanilara. She has a crown that is adorned with vulture feathers and two mortars, a broom, two oars, a sword, the moon, a cup, a bell, a drum, a trident, a comb, a hand, a pilon, and ten spears. One puts ten African Loro feathers and this can grow to fifty-five. She takes a basket with five needles for sewing, thimble and thread. She has a ozain that is made for her and hangs over her Tinaja (anyone wanting the contents of this ozain may contact me for details) Once this Ozain is made it is fed next to Oshun. The Ochinchi of this Oshun is made with limo de rio, ceraja , bledo blanco or acelga. Inside her sopera she lives with an Arrow, fifty-five bracelets of gold, forming a necklace and ten spears. Other Texts tell us that this Oshun is the smiling goddess and of exuberant characteristic that fell to the aspect lowest and poorest of all. They say she rolls around in the mud and streams, almost in the misery. Owns only one dress that for washing it so much she turned it from white to yellow. She is the highest of Aje (witches) and knows how to make and cast spells. The vulture is her symbol and her messenger who conveys her whims. They say in this camino or avatar she only does bad things. Eats what the vulture brings her. Remember in Cuba this is the Oshun that is honored above all. This Oshun eats goat two black hens, and two black pigeons and her guinea hen.


  • Oshun Ololordi: Her name translated means “Revolutionary” she loves to fight with Iron and the machetes. In this camino or avatar she is the Warrior. TO call this Oshun one uses the cowbell and the machete. Her crown is adorned with coral to one’s liking. She also takes a deer antler covered in beads of Orunla. One puts a horse of bronze or porcelain. She lives on top of an Ifa table with beach sand or sifter river dirt. One puts scarfs of silk and Ochinchi of bitter broom and lettuce. Her symbol is the Lechuza. Her sopera should be in colors of Green and rose. Generally, she does not like yellow. She also takes five caracol shells Large of Aye. A Yunque in front of her made of cedar. IN, this path to resolve problems of her children she eats lechuza. This ceremony if very difficult and hard. She is the owner of the dams of the rivers. She is the wife of Orunmila, mother of Poroye, the daughter she lost in Odun Metanla(13). Has a son whose name is Oloche that has no representation in Catholicism. She has two hands of caracoles and five more otas she eats goat and deer. She eats alone or next to her husband Orunla. From her crown hangs a house, a double-edged axe, an arrow of Ochosi , two oars, twenty-five rings, two tables of IFA, two simple axes, a machete , two large oars and five Loro feathers . The crown should be the size of the head of the person that has this camino or avatar. She takes a sewing basket with five needles to sew, a thimble, thread, scissors. One puts the antlers of Ochosi or if one can the head of a deer. A Hand that is hollow made of brass that is filled with four aches, Ivory, amber, and corals. Is the Warrior, not to be taken as a fool, she defends her children and those that are in her graces, Never can be destroyed by her enemies. One puts four train spikes next to her to calm her anxieties to go to war that she has. She is dangerous when she is upset or mad at her children. Nobody can raise her from the floor till she says she is ready to be raised. She also has a Ozain (email me for details). In Catholicism, she is portrayed as the “Virgen of Guadalupe”. The ARARA call her Atiti.


  • Oshun Ibu Akuaro: whose name means the Cornish hen (Quail). When this Oshun comes down one puts their finger in their ear and their hand on their head. Out of respect since they say she is the Oshun without a crown. She likes to eat with Yemaya hens that are ash in color. IN a special case she takes a tri-angle inside her sopera with three daggers hanging from the points this is sort of a talisman. Born in Ojuani -Melli (11-11) she eats Cornish hens. She takes a headband made in the form of a snake the size of her child’s head. She takes a maja snake, with feathers of a cornish hen, that decorates her tinaja. She has a secret name, known to her children. She takes two long spears, two large oars, two cornish hens, a boat, the moon, a mirror, a sword, a needle, a fan, a double axe, ten bracelets, ten arrow of ochosi. She like five scarves green and yellow. Next to her sopera she like a sewing cushion, a deer antler, and a cowbell, and her baston of Akuaro , that lives beside her. This baston is made from Mangle roble, that is washed and feed with Oshun in a large ceremony (can’t give out details). Asojano was the husband of this Oshun . This baston is called Akinoro, Symbolizes an Eleggua, others say her husband for this its name.


  • Oshun Ibu Ana: Her name means “Owner of the drums” is born in the Odun Oturpon Obge. Others say in the Odun Ofun -Ogbe (10-8). She lives on top of a drum different from the Bata. She takes three drums in front of her and an Ozain. Her crown is the size of the person that is her child and carries three drums, three guiritos, two spears, two oars, ten rings, and ten fish hooks. Others say her name means “she who does not hear the drum but runs to it “. One of the characteristics of this Oshun is she hears nothing, One must ring five bells at one time for her to hear. Her children have to beg her for her help. The ARARA they call her Nawedito.


  • Oshun Anani; her name is translated to “she who love the arguing” or “Famous for the arguing”. She lives in a tinaja. She takes a fan of bronze covered in bells and caracoles. Others say a regular fan covered in 25 bells and 25 caracoles washed in Oshun. But this fan is not given to her till she asks for it. Along with her normal tools, one puts the sun, the moon, a machete, a sickle, and a Hoe. Her crown takes a fan, a pick, a hoe, a cauldron, five rings, a snake, five feathers of Loro, a stingy, a comb, a mortar, two hair combs, a half moon, a shovel , a small chair, a boat, a sunflower, a double axe, scissors, and a ladder of five steps, a drum and a mirror.


  • Oshun Ibu Yumu: Her name means “one eho is born from which the woman is not pregnant” Within the contexts of the Oshun’s they say this Oshun truly is deaf. Her physical characteristic is her excessive beauty. Many say she is born in Odun Ica Melli others in Ochefun (5-10). In her attributes, she takes five bugles and a cowbell. They cover her in five scarves of silk of green and yellow. Also, she takes five machetes, a horse, ten bracelets, twenty-five arrows, twenty-five pieces of chain, one puts a basket full of everything to sew and knit, for this keeps her busy. She is the owner of the Insect the Wasp, dominator of snakes. The horse she takes is called Alguero. She sits on a pilon of bronze. In her addimus she like quimbobo, that’s taken five days later to the current of the river to win her favor. One should put a large axe to her. She takes a Ozian (as me the details). This Oshun is great and honored in businesses. The ARARA call her Tokosi.


  • Oshun Ibu Odonki: This Oshun lives where the river is born. Her name means She who lives where the stream is born” She is the essence of the mud of the river .The owner of the streams. She lives on a pilon and takes a sewing cushion, a snake, the moon, two large spears, two oars, five arrows of Ochosi and a sword. She has a Crown that hangs three drums, five spears, five oars, five Ochosi arrows, five needles to sew, the sun, a machete, a hoe, a house, a dagger, five rings, and five snakes. The ARARA call her Tokago.


  • Oshun Ibu Ogale: her name means “lover of keys” or “owner of the keys” she is born in the Odun Obbara Melli (6-6) she lives around roofing tiles. She is old and a fighter. She is not an oshun that likes to be bothered. Apart from her normal tools, she takes a male and female key. An arrow of Ochosi and armor, ten bracelets, a pick, a rake, a shovel, a yunque, and a trident, her crown takes these tools. THE ARARA call her  Oakere

    Oshun Ibu Acuanda
    : her names means “she who takes on death” born in the Odun Icafun (1-10) One puts 10 vases of Honey , lives in a chair . One puts five scarves of green and yellow. She was freed chango from jail after Oya imprisoned him there. The pataki says, that after Chango promised marriage to Oya he did not complete the marriage. Oya locked him in a tower surrounded by the dead, something that he is scared of. And he promised this Oshun if she freed him he would marry her as well. She blew cascarilla on the lock and it opened. But chango did not furfill his bargin with her either. This history is found in Odun (9-5) Osache. Her crown carries across, five machetes that hang from it, five simple axes, ten rings, a mirror, two combs, two spears. The ARARA call her Agokusi.
  • Oshun Ibu Adesa: Her name means “she who has her crown secured” Others say” she is the crown” she is the owner of the peacock. Her sopera should be covered in peacock feathers. She lives in a basket covered in mariwo she is born in Obeche (8-5) the Arara call her Aboloto.


  • Oshun Ibu Allade: “She who is queen” she has ties with eleggua. She does the same work as eleggua does. Works day and night and gets confused.her crown is formed from the material of Yellow and green and 15 Loro feathers that is covered in 15 caracoles. The ARARA call her Yisa.


  • Oshun Akuase Odo: Her name means “she who is born dead from the river” she lives on a pilon. One puts five bottles of water from five rivers. She eats the same as Ololordi. She works with the spirits since she is a spirit as well. The ARARA call her Totokusi.


  • Oshun Ibu Bumi: This Ochun represents the shrimp of the river. She eats deer, all animals offered to her should be white. Born in Odun Oche Osa (5-9) she has her own eleggua that is made in an Aye caracol. Her crown takes 101 pieces of bronze and 101 manillas.

    Oshun Ibu Eleke Oni:
    meaning “she who carries honey in her heart” This is a worker Oshun of good character. She uses a baston. When she comes down she loves to have honey on her body. She lives near the plant paradise. She wears a snake around her. She is born in Medilogun melli (16-16) her crown has 101 pieces.


  • Oshun Ibu Itumu: Possesses the sprint of a man. Is the authentic Amazon warrior. Eats goat’s capo as well as female goats. Takes a chain around her sopera in which the tools of Ogun are hung. Does whatever kind of work. She is a fierce fighter. She rides the ostrich into battle. When she battles in the water she makes a ladder of the crocodiles. Her home is the lagoon. She is always in the company of Inle and Asojano. For this reason of battle the keep her near. IN times of trouble her children offer and the whole goat. Her offering is a cup of epo and Oti in front of her sopera. She has her own Ozain that lives in a tinja next to her sopera. The Ozain eats when she eats (ask me the ozain) born in Obara Metanla (6-13). IN arara they call her Jueyague.


  • Oshun Ita Timibu: Born in the Odun Ireteyero. Others say in Odi Osa (7-9) she lives with Orun, next to her sopera. She is the leader of the society of Hiyalodes. Her Ozain is loaded in ahead of cedar. This Oshun only comes out at night. She likes to move by boat. She is the sister to Ibu Nigua. Her children should not have dogs in the house. Takes a cahin with all the tools of Ogun, achaba. A large Thunderstone. (Ask me the ozain of this Oshun) Her eleke has white, coral, black, and tramaline, and the colors of Orunla.


  • Oshun Ibu Aremu Kondiamo: Is the Oshun of the mountain she pays for her use of ewes for the ceremonies of Ocha. She is Osainista. Dresses in white. Her eleke is coral and white with beads of Orunla. She is a mysterious Oshun. They say she is the Obatala of the river. They say she helped Orunla dismember an elephant in Obekana. She lives on top of a table of IFA. She takes a frontal of a deer, and one should rub her otas with cascarilla and cacao.


  • Oshun Ibu semi: Lives in the small inlets around the river.  One should put a rock of copper. The araras call her Ajuanyinu.


  • Oshun Ibu Fonda: this Oshun died with Inle. She is a warrior and carries swords. She takes a doll covered in white dots and Loro feather on the head. Her addimu is named. One offers half oranges with sandalwood. The arara calls her Zeguen.


  • Oshun Ibu Odoco: Is a Tuff Oshun. Always in the company of Orisa Oko. For this, she is a farmer born in the odun Obekana (8-1) takes a doll covered in all the beads of the orisas.


  • Oshun Ibu Awuayemi: This path of Oshun is blind. She talks in the odun Oyekun Melli. She lives with Asojano and Orunla. She takes five canes in bronze and a horse.


  • Oshun Ibu Elenda: born in Odun Oche Leso (5-4) no information.


  • Oshun Ibu Idere Lekun: Lives in the caves, dances as the waves hit the reefs of the ocean. She controls the tambor. And wears a mask for she is deformed in the face born in the Odun Oddi Osa (7-9).


  • Oshun Ibu Inare: Daughter to Ibu Ana. Lives on top of riches and money. She lives in the beach sand, one puts a garabato of palo llamao.

  • Oshun Ibu Agandara: This Oshun sits in a chair, carries a lock, one should put a lot of names, because it is her favorite food born in Odun Ikadi (1-7).


  • Oshun Oroyobi: Olokun gave her the sand inside the caracoles, Salmon is her favorite food. With the sand, she made the borders of the rivers. This Oshun is born in Odun Okana Oche (1-5)


  • Ibu Siegan: Queen of the coquetry… Born in Odun Okana Oggunda (1-3)

Orishas found in her court are:

  • Aye

    Orisha Aye
    Oba Nani