Olokun is the orisha that resides in the bottom of the ocean. He is an androgynous orisha that can turn into any shape or form. Olokun is half man and half mermaid. In some houses, Olokun is a female but the majority including myself sees him as a man. Olokun is the depths of the ocean floor. He resides where no man can reach. The only ones who knows of his domain are Olokun himself, Olofi and Olodumare. His domain is a dark solitude area of water and rocks. Not all fishes can swim to his domain. He is represented by both living and the dead. Olokun’s kingdom is one of the biggest cemeteries ever. Everything sinks to the bottom of the ocean. It’s there where Yemaya gives him all the cadavers of the world that happens in her waters.

Olokun is one of the biggest and usually the orisha that one receives after “The Warriors”. He is given to ensure health, prosperity, and foundation in one’s life. He hides all the riches at the bottom of the ocean for his petitioners. In the house of his followers, he lives in a blue and white tureen which holds his secrets. His secrets were given to mankind by Olofi. Olofi is one of the only ones who know his secrets. He is said to reside somewhere dark in the house of his followers. This reason for this is because no light ever hit’s the bottom of the ocean.

Olokun is very mysterious and has a compulsive temper. He is said to be chained to the bottom so his rage would not come upon the lands of the earth. Olokun is petitioned especially for health. He is an orisha that can bring that in seconds. His color is blue with off white. His number is 7 or 9. He is the true ruler of the ocean water but through Olofi the superficial part was given to Yemaya. He takes a mask that he wears. Both Santeros and Babalows give this orisha, different secrets but they are both the same entity.