Aggallú Sóla is the orisha that represents the nature and wrath of the volcano. He is a very tall gigantic man who lives alongside the rivers. Agallu/Agayu, Bi Yaya or Agallu Sola which he is also known, is represented by earthquakes, the energy, and core of the earth. The lava and magma is associated with him, due to his mother Oroiña. He is the heat that comes from within all and keeps the earth moving. Agallu is the cane that holds all of the orishas. In Santeria, priests of Agallu receive him in a wooden or terra cotta vessel where his mysteries are kept. It is said that the vessel should stay uncover because you can’t put a cover on top of a volcano. You place a cloth of multicolor or mariwo (grass skirt) on top of him to contain anyone seeing his secrets. Agallu is that strength that we all have inside that comes from deep in our soul. The core of our body.

Earthquakes are associated with the orisha Agallu because it is him that is changing the earth from deep within the core. Whether it’s because the orisha is upset or he is making room for change. When humankind disrespects the earth, he lets go and shakes the walls of the core which quakes the earth. He is very popular on the western part of the United Sates due to the high volume of earthquakes. But people forget to realize that earthquakes happen in all parts of the world. It happens deep under the ocean crust where Agallu and Yemaya are planning on changing the surface of the earth. When an earthquake happens it changes the way we live on earth. From the new crust that shows more and new roads are built and theirs new life and artifacts to explore.

Agallu is also seen to be near riverbanks. He is the one that transports and people across the rivers. He is our modern day ferryman. He learned how to soothe the rough river waters after having a relationship with the orisha Oshun. From then, he has transported humankind across the rivers so they can reach the other side. Agallu’s colors is a burgundy or dark wine colors. He also takes the 9 colors of Oya due to an exchange that Oya gave him. She gave him her multicolor skirt to wear out of thanks for a favor. When Agallu walks he takes big strides and has a heavy foot. He is said that he takes big steps because he is stepping over huge obstacles. He carries a staff and his oshè (double edge ax), in which he uses when he walking around overstepping obstacles. He is a silent warrior as he stays to himself. But when he is bothered he comes with great force, just as the lava and the earthquakes that shake our planet.

Paths of Aggallú.

Aggayú Solá is an Orisa that  represents the nature of the volcano, the magma inside the land. He represents huge forces and energies of nature, the strength of an earthquake, a tidal wave, volcano lava flowing heavily into the ground rising to the surface, the force that spins the universe and the earth him. He is the crutch of the Osha and particularly Obatala. He lives in the stream. In the human  form, he is represented by a ferryman on the River. Aggayú Solá is also the Orisha of deserts, dry land and the rivers raging.

He is the giant Orisa, Orisha of fire, of anger and war . He is the staff of  Obatala. Sometimes confused with the 6th Alafin Aganjú of Oyo. His cult comes from Arara land and Fon. His name comes from Aginjù Yorùbá Sola (Aginjù: desert – So: voice – Allah Cover), literally “covering the desert with his voice.” He is an Orisha that is not placed in some  homes as the  head Orisa but  is made with Oshun Oro Aggayú and  some houses with Shango Oro to Aggayú. But he is put  the head in some houses Arara origin. If placed at the head, His main Ota pyramidal shape and must remain attached to the bridge per period of 9 days.

His  number is 9 and its multiples. His  color is dark red and white or 9 colors except black. He is compared with the syncretism with San Cristóbal (July 25).

His greeting when down is
Aggayú Kinigua Ogge Ibba eloní!

In the diloggún speaks for Osa Meji (99).

Tools Aggayú Solá

Originally this orisa had no tools Because he represents the force that is invincible against all the elements of the earth. Only had to have his Otans, That at one time was only taken from a Lava stone. Later three tools where given to him a baston , a arrow and a Lance. With the baston he could carry the weight of those that needed him that he would carry them through the hardest times and could count on him. The other two tools where to show his power over the earth. There are houses where Agallu is born with 9 tools that symbolize more or less the same.

Offerings to Aggayú Solá. 

fruits of all kinds, eggplant, roasted corn crowbars, cane molasses, canary, and cookies with palm oil. He immolated goat, rooster, guinea fowl, turtle and pigeon.

His  Ewe are
Bledo Ponceau, atiponlá, feat, barium, platanillo of Cuba, sarsaparilla, paradise, poplar, Jobo, Curujey and Pacific Ocean.

His  paths are: 
 Aggayú Kinigua An old and royal avatar ” The careful and Accurate king”

Aggayú Sola  The ferry man

Aggayú Babadina Volcanic manifestation , Lord of lava .

Aggayú Aggarí  The eldest and aged Aggayu .Obstinate wilderness

Oro Ina   sometimes thought as a female path of Aggayu , or a separate Orisa as his mother

The ARARA call him  Saborissa.

Characteristics of the Omo Aggayú Solá. 

Violent, angry, angry, physically very strong. They are sensitive and they love the tenderness. They  love children and are easy prey for women with fragile appearance, for they love to protect the weak.