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Spell to Get Money

Spell to Get Money

Spell to Get Money

Open and clean a pumpkin leaving a few seeds inside, Place 7 coins, a little honey, White Sugar, 7 sweet clovers. Some Yoruba Powder for Prosperity, a few drops of Yoruba Fast Money oil and a little Yoruba Hala Hala oil. Mix well while repeating.

Luck Came into my life to stay, I visualize the Money and materialized in my life.

Then, place a Yoruba candle Revoked Open Roads and Money, inside of the pumpkin for 7 days as an offering to Eleggua and Oshun with a glass of water and an Our Father for your spirits.

Things that You Will Need

  • Pumpkin
  • 7 Sweet Clovers
  • White sugar
  • 7 Coins
  • Yoruba Powder to Prosperity
  • Yoruba Money Fast Oil
  • Yoruba Hala Hala Oil
  • Yoruba Revoking Open Roads and Money Candle
  • Glass of water

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