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Jasmine Bath to Attract a Mate

Jasmine Bath to Attract a Mate

Jasmine Bath to Attract a Mate

This bath is for those who want to seduce or love a person. With this bath, you can conquer who you propose in a very short time.

In a bucket of warm water with milk , put White Sugar , Honey , Perfume of your choice, Yoruba Hala Hala Bath, Yoruba come to me oil and 7 jasmine flowers. Mix and let stand. Turn a Vanilla Incense barites. Take a bath as usual with the mixture prepared and Wears White clothes. Then light a Yoruba Candle Revoked Love (Pull Out). To Oshun With a glass of water, while asks to your spirits to help you win the heart of that person ending with an Our Father.

Necessary products:

  • Warm water
  • Milk
  • White sugar
  • Honey
  • Perfume
  • Yoruba Hala Hala bath
  • Yoruba come to me Oil
  • 7 Jasmine flowers
  • Vanilla Incense
  • Revoking Vela Love (Pull Out)
  • Glass of water

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