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Spell to attract a partner.

Spell to attract a partner.

Spell to attract a partner.


There's an excessive spells to attract the desired person, but the tools used are difficult to acquire. This spell is for those people who are alone and want to attract the love of their life.

In a container add holy water, Honey, a True Love Yoruba oil and the perfume of your preference. Shake well and apply all the mixture over your body. Then, light a Yoruba Prepared Love Revocation Candle. With a few drops of oil of Hala Hala Yoruba to Oshun, Yemaya and Anaisa Pye goddess of love, to bring the love you want.

Necessary products:

  • Holy Water
  • Honey
  • True Love Yoruba Oil
  • Perfume
  • Yoruba Prepared Love Revocation Candle
  • Hala Hala Yoruba oil

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