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Spell for prosperity and new Job

Spell for prosperity and new Job

Spell for prosperity and new Job

This spell is especially for situations where their paths have been closed, obstacles have appeared in your projects and life goals in the financial field. It requires only a simple and effective solution to unlock anything that doesn't allow you to advance your life.

With the water of a coconut into a container, put a Yoruba Bath for Abundance, a little Yoruba Open Paths Oil, Yoruba Fast Money Oil and Holy Water. Take a Bath with this mixture, displaying the positive details you want for your life. Repeating as often as possible,

I attract at my life all the wealth I desire and deserve. Money comes and multiply.

After making the bath lit a Prepared Fast Job and Money Candle with 7 Coins in The bottom and a glass of water.

Necessary products:


  • Coconut Water
  • Yoruba bath for Abundance.
  • Yoruba Open Paths Oil .
  • Yoruba Fast Money Oil.
  • Prepared Fast Job and Money Candle.
  • Holy Water
  • 7 Coins

The Yoruba products are made with natural ingredients and great power. Find them in our shop or at your local Botanica. ! Ashé!