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Spell For Health And Prosperity

Spell For Health And Prosperity

Spell For Health And Prosperity


Write your name and your petitions on a brown piece of paper, put in a plate with some Yoruba Vencedor Powder, Brown Sugar, Lit a Prepared Unlock Candle (Pull Out) with a Few drops of Yoruba Spiritual Oil and a glass of water and lit some Incense sticks of Patchouli incense to purify the environment and 13 Yellow and White Flowers to attract abundance and happiness in all stages of life. Then, in a bowl with hot water mix some Stars Anise, Yoruba Patchouli Oil, Honey and Yoruba 13 ray of the sun Bath, let stand for a few minutes an take a bath with the mix wearing with your favorite clothes.


Ask to your guardian’s spirits Obatalá and ochún that with His divine power bring Good Luck, Peace, Health, and Prosperity to you, ending with Our Father.

Necessary products:

  • Brown Paper
  • Yoruba Vencedor Powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Prepared Unlock Candle (Pull Out)
  • Yoruba Spiritual Oil
  • Glass of water
  • 13 Yellow and White Flowers
  • Stars Anise
  • Yoruba Patchouli Oil
  • Honey
  • Yoruba 13 Ray of the Sun Bath

Yoruba specially made products are natural and powerful. Find them today below or at your local Botanica. ! Ashé!