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Lamp For Yemayá To Get Money.

Lamp For Yemayá To Get Money

Lamp For Yemayá To Get Money

If you're in need of money and are going to ask a loan from a friend or someone in particular. Lit this lamp to Yemayá, ask her to help you to get the money you need. In a casserole put a magnet stone, pour blood from a rooster and add indigo, mix everything well. Then write seven times the person you're going to ask money from, on a piece of brown paper. And put the paper inside the casserole together with white precipitate, red precipitate, yellow precipitate, mercury, 7 alamo leaves, watercress liquor, sweet wine, Yoruba Open Paths Oil, peppermint oil and a cotton wick. Lit this in front of Yemayá for seven days, explain to her why you need this money and ask her, as mother she is, to help you out. Then on the last day take the lamp to the sea. When you get back offer her a white candle, if you don't have Yemayá you can use a candle with her image on it.

Necessary products:

  • Casserole.
  • Magnet Stone.
  • Rooster.
  • Indigo.
  • 7 Álamo Leaves.
  • Mercury.
  • Sweet Wine.
  • Watercress Liquor
  • Cotton Wicks.
  • White Candle.
  • Red Precipitate.
  • Yellow Precipitate.
  • Withe Precipitate.
  • Brown Paper.
  • Yoruba Peppermint Oil.
  • Yoruba Open Paths Oil.

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