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Lamp For Yemayá For Good Luck (1)

Lamp For Yemayá For Good Luck (1)

Lamp For Yemayá For Good Luck (1)

Having a bad time? Aren't things going your way?

Lit this lamp for Good Luck and ask Yemayá to help you in your time of need. Cut a red watermelon in half, one of the half must be bigger than the other one. On this half (the biggest) take all the pulp and pour these ingredients, 7 duck eggs yolks, 7 guinea peppers, 7 corn kernels, jutia & smoked fish, a little sea water, a little river water,aguardiente, dust from a dry tree, Yoruba Open Paths Oil, 7 spoons of sugar cane syrup, seven pennies, good luck oil and red precipitate. Whatever space left on the watermelon fill it with cooking oil and lit 7 cotton wicks for 7 days in front of Yemayá. On the seventh day take it to the trunk of a dry tree.

Necessary products:

  • Red Watermelon
  • 7 Duck Eggs
  • 7 Corn Kernels
  • Jutía & Smoked Fish
  • Sea Water
  • River Water
  • Dust From a Dry Tree
  • Yoruba Open Paths Oil
  • Sugar Cane Syrup
  • Red Precipitate
  • 7 Cotton Wicks
  • Yoruba Good Luck Oil
  • 7 Guinea Peppers
  • 7 Pennies
  • Aguardiente

Yoruba specially made products are natural and powerful. Find them today below or at your local bótanica. Ashé!