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Lamp For Ochún To Make A Friend Love You.

Lamp For Ochún To Make A Friend Love You

Lamp For Ochún To Make A Friend Love You

If you're in love with a dear friend of yours, lit this lamp to the goddess of love. Ask her to bestow you the true love that only your friend can give you. On the outside of a scarlet mamey draw six stripes using cascarilla. Now go out and pick a little stone from the street, throw 3 times to the ground. Then go back and open a little hole on the mamey, big enough for the stone, and pour inside palm oil, cacao butter, honey, red ocher, Yoruba Open Paths Oil and a cotton wick. Take this to a private place were no one sees it and lit it while saying "As [person's name] heart soften for me, this stone must soften as well". On the third day take the lamp to the river and leave it there. When you get back lit a yellow candle to Ochún, goddess of love, so she will intercede for you. If you don't have Ochún, lit a candle with her image on.

Things that You Will Need

  • Scarlet Mamey
  • Cascarilla
  • Palm Oil
  • Cacao Butter
  • Honey
  • Red Ochre
  • Yellow Candle
  • Yoruba Open Paths Oil

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