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Ogun's Bath For Good Luck

Ogun's Bath For Good Luck

Ogun's Bath For Good Luck


In a bucket with warm water, add a cup of Honey, Brown Sugar, and a bottle of White Bath Yoruba, some Yoruba Patchouli oil, Yoruba Open Path Oil and a handful of White flowers. Let stand and Take a bath, as usual, to clean impurities and bath slowly throughout the body while repeating.

Winner of Ogun demands, I appeal to your help to clean my body, my mind and my soul from all evil, it brings to my life good luck and health. With your silver sword away from me who wants to hurt me, because you're warrior lineage and courage, protect my home and my family.

Finishing with an Our Father. Then, light a Revoke Prepared candle for Ogun with the rest of Yoruba Patchouli Oil and a glass of water. Light some incense sticks of Patchouli to purify your home.


Necessary products:

  • Warm Water
  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • White Bath Yoruba
  • Yoruba Patchouli Oil
  • Yoruba Open Path Oil
  • White Flowers
  • Revoke Prepared for Ogun Candle
  • Patchouli Incense Sticks
  • A Glass of Water

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